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Xi’an City Wall


8Xi’an City Wall has a long history and keeps well in the ancient city wall constructions of the world. It lasts the historical context of ancient capital “Chang’ an”, and its unique charm shows the world her magnificence, full inclusion and wisdom.

The City Wall of oblong with the girth of 13.74 km and consists of a series of ancient military facilities including moat, hanging bridge, gate tower, arrow tower, turret, rampart, battlements and crenel. City, woods, river, road and lane integrate into a whole to organically become the important landmark symbol and spiritual home of this international metropolis with historic culture characteristic. The present Xi’an City Wall Scenic Spot is listed in the 1st Batch of National Key Protected Cultural Relics and Grade AAAA Tourism Scenic Spot.

Xi’an City Wall will shoulder the heavy responsibility to protect historical heritage and city civilization, practice the glorious mission to carry forward Chinese culture, city culture and contemporary civilization, make the scenic area the “world famous comprehensive humanities scenic spot”, and become a model of Shaanxi and even China great site protection development and the development of cultural industry.

September 14 2017


Date: 14/09/2017
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Xi'an , Shaanxi China

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