1,000 Australian tourists visiting Xi’an will be invited to experience a state-level Chang’an Impression Tang Dynasty Welcoming Ceremony


1,000 Australian tourists visiting Xi’an will be invited to experience a state-level Chang’an Impression Tang Dynasty Welcoming Ceremony

On September 14, 1,000 lucky Australian tourists visiting Xi’an will be invited to experience a state-level Chang’an Impression Tang Dynasty Welcoming Ceremony, courtesy of the China National Tourism Administration and in continued celebration of the China-Australia Year of Tourism.

Held at the Xi’an City Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this one-of-a-kind performance is usually reserved for distinguished visitors to the city. Former President of the United States Bill Clinton and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi were all received with this ceremony upon their visit to the historically rich city. To be greeted with such a grand performance is a display of the city, and by extension the country, welcoming their esteemed guests with open arms.

Xi’an, formerly known as Chang’an, was China’s capital city for 13 dynasties, from 202 BC to 904 AD. At the time, it was also the economic and political centre of the world as it marked the beginning of the ancient Silk Road trade route, which connected east and west regions of the Asian continent from the Korean peninsula and Japan to the Mediterranean Sea.

Xi’an is one of the few cities in China where old city walls still stand. The magnificent 12-metre-high and 14-kilometre-long walls were built to protect the inner city, with military defences such as a moat, 98 ramparts and a drawbridge. It offers the best views of Xi’an and is often on the top of tourists’ itineraries when visiting.

The Chang’an Impression Tang Dynasty Grand Welcome Ceremony is the only performance in the world that features culture and etiquette from the Tang dynasty. The intricate costumes are almost exact replicas of those from ancient times.

Here they will be greeted by “city officials” dressed in Tang dynasty costumes. They’ll then be lead down the Royal Road by maids and guides, both of whom are also dressed in traditional costumes. This is the same welcome that dignified guests would have received over 1,000 years ago, so everyone is dressed to play the part they would have played in the past.

Once the group reaches the Ceremony Area of Culture and Etiquette Square, the “director of Foreign Office of Tang Dynasty” and “officials of Foreign Office of Tang Dynasty” will chant to welcome them. The act of chanting to guests is the ultimate sign of respect in Tang culture.

Following the chanting, the drawbridge will fall and royal guards dressed in their golden armour will emerge from behind the walls and welcome guests into their city. In ancient years, if the guards welcomed visitors it meant that they were honoured to host them and bestowed a deep trust in their guests, which is symbolic of how China feels towards welcoming tourists to the country today

Inside the gates, guests are then led to the Barbican at South Gate, which will act as a stunning backdrop for the ceremony. The towering South Gate is the oldest and grandest of the four gates within the ancient city. The mesmerising multimedia live-action performance promises to introduce audiences to the Tang dynasty culture with ethnic songs and dances throughout. To honour the China-Australia Year of Tourism, for one night only, the welcome ceremony also plans to incorporate some Australian elements throughout the show.

Guests will be introduced to yesteryear officials, guards, maids and officials throughout as the ancient city comes to life once again. The highlight of the show is the finale where rolls of delicate silk are drawn from the top of the wall to the stage below. This shows praise to the ancient civilisation that once lived here and blessings to the glorious new world we live in. It also symbolises a modern Silk Road, where people come together from around the world in peace and harmony.

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